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Skanska AB is a multinational construction and development company based in Sweden. Skanska is the fifth largest construction company in the world according to Construction Global magazine. Notable Skanska projects include the renovation of the United Nations Headquarters, the World Trade Center Transportation Hub project, Moynihan Station, 30 St Mary Axe, MetLife Stadium, Mater Dei Hospital, among others.

According to a piece written by Saviour Balzan and published for MALTA TODAY back in 2015: In 1996 Skanska was entrusted with the building of a "state-of-the-art" general hospital, Mater Dei Hospital, costing over €700,000,000 in Malta. Later, however, it was discovered that Skanska had used lower-quality cement of the kind that is generally used to build pavements. As a result, the hospital could not develop further floors or build a helipad on the roof. The company made sure to be waived of the responsibility for any evident cheap work and damage once the project was finalized. Some highlights from that article: - Skanska, the Swedish engineering giant that bills itself as the world’s leading construction group, has told Attorney General Peter Grech it will not meet him to discuss the Maltese government’s claims for damages on foundation works on Mater Dei hospital. - Six years since the opening of the €700 million state-of-the-art hospital, weak cement foundations were discovered by government architects, prompting urgent repairs to prevent a possible collapse of the accident and emergency department. - The hospital blocks were designed to have, in technical terminology, a concrete cube strength of 30 megapascals (MPa). Yet the Accident and Emergency department was found to have a concrete strength of only 18 MPa, while that of Block D hit only 23 MPa. - The impact of the “below-specification concrete” was assessed using a structural model of the building, to test the seismic resilience of the A&E building. Arup’s assessment highlighted that remedial measures were required to address performance under seismic conditions. - At the time Opposition deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami questioned whether the government’s legal action and the police investigations mean that their harsh criticism of the waiver that the Foundation for Medical Services had conceded to Skanska was nothing but “propaganda”.


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Former Employee - Systems Engineer says

"Company going downhill very fast"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very poor leadership. No creativity or out of the box thinking. Actions don’t support their claims regarding values, and culture"

Former Employee - Senior Project Engineer says

"Poor management leadership. Extremely disorganized. No clear vision."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too many cons my peops."

Former Employee - Safety Manager says

"horrible hours, treated like a slave, forced to work weekends, harassed by tenured employees that would have made work even more difficult if reported, expected to work 55+ hours while getting paid salary (40)."

Former Employee - IT Manager says

"It pays poorly for industry/position, nor is as good a work environment as anywhere else you could go with your CV. Skills and talent are not rewarded, but are viewed as threats to longterm, entrenched employees. Literally, everyone that was worth anything was run out. Hard work did not equal reward. Skanska Europe is different... I am talking strictly Skanska USA. I worked in offices all over the USA from Boston, to NYC to Oakland, Phoenix and many, many more. I met the CEO numerous times. (Not Anders- he came in to clean up mess I am talking about. Will he?)"

Current Employee - Engineer says

"The supervisor or anyone can fire you on the spot, they can lie about your performance no body cross check their statement. They can tell you to leave your computer , key, anything that you use for the day to day activity right on the spot tell you you are fired. Treat you like a criminal, emabarass you and tell you to leave the office in inhuman and undignified way. Never seen any company give that kind of authoritarian power for the suoervisor, it feels like you are working under a third world country or in a communist regime. In believable."

Current Employee - Project Manager says

"No support from upper management, No work in the bay area, constantly being removed from projects as the General Contractor."

Current Employee - Civil Engineer says

"If you dont get on with line manager u have no chance of getting any benefits or career progression. Shocking company to work for no respect for experience or competence, only care about the 'old boys club'. Worst company I have every worked for. No respect for employees nor any ethical nor empathetic qualities what so ever."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor management, poor work life balance, no appreciation"

Yard Operative (Former Employee) says

"Had 12 month agency contract fm yard kingsmill hospital. Job was ok but management useless dont listen to you. Worked out of a garden shed damp rat problem no hand wash facility ! Told we are having a cabin .Skanka have no money but the waster advisor can take on an assistant lots of folk cant work out why .Waste bins never washed and smelly .Had to provide own task light ."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management. Can’t win work. Old school intimidation practices. Distrustful, no loyalty other than the upper management. Stay away from these people."

Painter decorator (Former Employee) says

"Treat you like a slave for minimum wage management is a joke,do not work here. The worst job I have ever had, stabbed in the back by so called work mates.LocalNone"

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"My experience of working within HR at Skanska was extremely poor. Management within HR Direct were extremely unprofessional and lacked the basic skills, and conduct expected of a large company. Eg. leadership, communication, training. Important decisions and problem solving left to more junior colleagues. The company needs to create a culture where employees have a more adult, professional and open attitude towards each other rather than lots of whispering and gossip."

Highway Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Poorly managed company. Favouritism and unfair treatment of staff. Not interested in welfare of employees. Would not recommend as an employer and would never work for them again"

ajudante geral (Former Employee) says

"Trabalhava bem orientava os moradores fazia as contagens de postagemTrabalha sozinhoA empresa uma bagunça"

Mechanical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Bullying, bullying from management, from HR, from work colleagues, discrimination, anyone with any kind of illness will be dismissed by using underhand tactics, management lie and deceive, no overtime offered, low wages, unprofessional, full of promises but never deliver, did I mention the bullying from management, if you speak up about anything you’re marked man/woman, Deceptive, Manipulative, poorly managed, unethical, Worst company I ever worked for (everyone I dealt with that is)NoneBullying, lies and discrimination, Corruption"

Fabric Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Everything this company preaches about is a front, they don’t care, you’re a marked man/women if you speak up, management are bully’s (and HR) they resort to underhand tactics to remove unwanted employees, the bullying is unbelievable and the bullies are protected, it’s not a what you know, it’s a who you know. Working for this company will make your life miserable mos unprofessional company I’ve ever worked for."

Clerical Officer (Former Employee) says

"I have just finished a ‘prison sentence’ with this company In Winchester. It is an awful place to work, with jumped-up managers, who don’t know know anything about the industry, blaming their hardworking team for everything that they do wrong. What I hated most was the fact that I was always screamed at and put down in front of my workmates, for things that the manageress had got wrong. Why promote people who don’t have the experience and training in the industry? Oh because they are female and foreign!Close to homeThe worst management ever"

Maintenance Electrician (Former Employee) says

"Maintain install troubleshoot tower cranes. Troubleshoot problems on cranes in the field. Erect new cranes and tear down ones for relocating. Main part of job was troubleshooting broken electrical contacts and the field work on truckhours alot of overtime"

BI Speciallist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible and torture, really bad work culture. they hire asian men to do dirty job, no job security Swedish managers showing discrimination and racismnonediscrimination and racism"

Facilties Service engineer (Former Employee) says

"Very Very Toxic place to work !! No support , Management are so up there own place !!! They talk the talk but definitely don't walk the walk ! Never make a grievance to head office , you will be a marked man or women !! Avoid this so called green company like the plague ! Be warned !!NoneNo management support ! The best people leave !"

General Manager (Current Employee) says

"Skanska do not live up-to their core values and practise what they preach if it has a detrimental effect on their bottom line. Penny pinching organisation that provide little to no training and no prospect of development. The Senior Leadership Team in my current operating unit do not inspire leadership, confidence and as such, no direction.CanteenSenior Leadership Team"

Foreman (Former Employee) says

"This company is a buddy company and it is about who you know not what you know or even how well you perform your job/duties. Do not choose to work for this company you will regret itNoneEverything"

Road worker (Former Employee) says

"If you have no sense of self worth then this is the place for you.if you have a brown nose you will go far.if your a decent human being who works hard and gets the job done then don't bother with skanska, they will give you nothing but broken promises and will lose all respect and become one of there puppets.Hitler was a nicer guy than the management of skanskaIf your in management you will get treated wellIf your on the roads you are scum"

Operations (Former Employee) says

"SRW – Management team have a distasteful attitude in the way they speak to the staff. You put in 100% they give you back 1%. (the 1% is to say they acknowledge you). Far too many chiefs. New starters have noticed and have left within 2 weeks as say terrible atmosphere. SRW is a company of “who you know NOT what you know”, therefore if your face do not fit = goodbye! Also spent too much time clock watching that you really do forget that you are an adult within this company.NoneLong hours, if 5 minutes late will dock wages for 15 mins"

operador de remolienda cianuracion (Current Employee) says

"full trabajo en equipo , cafe a media noche continuar con la guardia de produccionmedico ocupacional atenta y brinda charlascuando hay defiencia en la energia se esta atento en los equipos (maquinaria)"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is great on paper. It is a different matter when site based. They demoralise staff on a daily basis. On Some sites - not all, bullying tactics are implemented. Staff who are taken on, on different T's and C's are used, until they have learned their information and experience and then pushed aside and made to feel useless. They are then forced to resign via bullying tactics instead of being made redundant.Constuction based is okFacilities side is not so good. Too much pressure and cutting corners."

Compliance Manager (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company that has got progressively worse over the years I have worked there. 3rd change of Project Director within 18 months shows there are imminent unsolvable problems. Loads of glory hunters and back stabbers. No support whatsoever from Management so avoid at all costs. There are so many better other Facilities Management Companies out there! Avoid Skanska at all costs!!"

Technical Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"It was not typically the high up managers; it was the direct manager. They do not support their employee's, do not assist, claim that you did it wrong even though they TAUGHT it to you that way. Terrible place to work, I wouldn't send anyone I know there. They may pay okay money, but they claim you can get a bonus even though its well over IMPOSSIBLE to achieve that you should just kiss it good bye."

Forbruger says

"A corrupt company."

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